Helium Watch Group


The idea behind Helium Watch Group was in fact born long ago, long before we even realized it. We have always been very interested with accessories and fashion, where watches have always played a significant role. So, during the fall of 2011 we decided that we were going to try and make our own watch model. After many tours back and forth, the decision landed on making an homage to the watches that have been worn by the US Army and Air Force. These have been spotted on wrists of soldiers in Vietnam as well as on officers at West Point and they have a mystique and a certain history that inspired us. These watches are traditionally worn on NATO straps due to the simple construction which allows you to replace the strap as it wears out. We chose to use NATO straps mainly because they give the user a possibility to match his/her watch with the outfit of the day. HWG Aviator is watch with a clear historical heritage that has been updated to fit in a modern wardrobe.

Our fascination for the stories behind the watches serving as sources of inspiration for us and the people wearing them also reflects our choice of name for the company, Helium Watch Group. Helium is an element that in the watch world is mainly associated with divers watches. But as a matter of fact, Helium has often made the impossible possible, for example balloon trips for parachute jumpers some 30 000 meters above ground.

We hope that you will enjoy our products and that you will wear your watch thinking of the many people that have inspired us to make them! Check in from time to time as we will update our range regularly.

Kind regards,

Helium Watch Group